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Thinking about buying Fashion Jewellery Diffuser Bracelet?
Read the latest review by BrandQueen’s classic series.
Pendant : Copper Made With 18k Rose Gold Plated /18k Platinum Plated
S006L – Blue (Platinum / Rose gold)

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所有金屬(包括銀)都會因接觸到液體而慢慢退色, 但銅不像鐵,不會變紫變綠,亦不會生鏽。飾品構造裡沒有任何可造成皮膚過敏之成份(但因每人膚質狀況不同,故沒辦法給予任何保證)。



“Classic series material”
Dear customers, please note the following!

The quality we use are all good non-discoloring materials: Charcoal pure copper material, together with anti-decolorizing oil and K gold components, can be preserved for a long time, but it is not recommended to constantly or directly touch liquids such as water, sweat, perfume, rainwater .

All metals (including silver) will slowly fade due to contact with the liquid, but copper does not change to green, nor to rust, unlike iron. There are no ingredients that can cause skin allergies in the jewelry structure (but because of the different skin condition of each person, there is no way to give any guarantee).

⚠Notice: Jewelry is fine, not falling, not pressure, it is recommended to minimize contact with cosmetics, chemicals (such as: body lotion, sunscreen, etc.).

⭕Use suggestion:
* Please drop the essence/scent into the cotton ball before placing it on the pendant. Do not spray directly on the jewelry or pendant.
* When the jewelry is removed, please also remove the cotton ball from the sinker to prevent the alcohol from penetrating into the sinker and damaging the pendant.
* It is recommended to take it off when bathing. Do not apply water. Protect it well and allow it to stay with you for longer.